Wednesday 24 June 2015

Day 282...

FRIDAY 12.6.15 - I am thankful for... The dark


We played an interesting game at youth group tonight called Sardines. Basically, one person hides in the dark and everyone else has to try and find that person, in the dark. Once you find them, you hide silently with them until there's one person left. I joined in on the game and found it really difficult at first. Our church which we played in is exceptionally dark with no lights on. It wasn't scary but quite unnerving, just not being able to see where you are going. I took a turn in hiding too. It's amazing how quickly your eyes can adjust to the dark. After a while I could see somewhat and it wasn't so unnerving anymore. It was actually really peaceful. There are times in life that are like this, dark times that initially you can't see your way out of and it's scary, upsetting and raises anxiety. After a while, you start to adjust and can see with a different perspective, maybe its not so bad after all or you can see your way out. I am thankful for the dark. It can be a source of peace. Without the dark we can't recognise the light.

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