Monday 1 June 2015

Day 257...

MONDAY 18.05.15 - I am thankful for... Visitors

So it looks like I am to be in hospital for a while. Being so far away, my mum let some close family friends know so they could come and visit me, which they did. A good friend I used to dance with and her mum came and kept me company for a few hours this afternoon. It really meant a lot for them to do that, and they even brought me some necessary supplies I for a stay in hospital. I was hoping I was not contagious as my friend is currently a main role in a musical and I'd hate to make her sick!Having visitors is comforting and keeps you a little in touch with the outside world. They also break the monotony of the day as you really can't do much except sleep and watch TV. I am thankful I had a few people visit me today, making me feel loved and so cared for.

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