Saturday 6 June 2015

Day 268...

FRIDAY 29.05.15 - I am thankful for... DFO shopping and Opera in the Caves

This long weekend (for me anyway - had another ADO today) started off with an early morning flight to Brisbane where I was met by my mother and sister for a day of shopping at the DFO. It's been a little while since the three of us spent the day together, just us. I'm so blessed to be so close to them and wish I could see them more often. Then in the afternoon I flew to Rockhampton with one of my besties to spend the weekend with our other bestie and her hubby. It's going to be a great weekend and with all that's happened in the past few weeks, I could use a little quality time with my girls. It was a quick pick up from the airport and straight out the Capricorn Caves to enjoy a night of opera. There were four professional classical singers with extraordinary voices. The ambiance was amazing and the acoustics in the caves really enhanced each performance. Extremely enjoyable and would totally recommend it. All in all it has been a very, very great day. I am thankful I was able to spend the day shopping at the DFO and enjoy an even of Opera in the Caves. More importantly, I am thankful I got to do these things with some of the most important people in my life who I don't see so often.

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