Sunday 22 February 2015

Day 166...

MONDAY 16.02.15 - I am thankful for... the RSPCA

On the way home from work today I was listening to Triple J's afternoon program, Hack. They interviewed a reporter for Four Corners who briefly summarised a story they were presenting tonight on their show. Greyhound trainers using live bait to "blood" their race dogs. Using, piglets, possums, rabbits, cats, chickens etc.. putting them on a mechanical lure whilst still alive and let the dogs chase them and kill them. I was disgusted. What an abhorrent thing to do! Not to mention the fact it is illegal. A small group of investigators was able to gather video evidence of this and pass it onto the RSPCA, the organisation with the authority to do something about it. When they received the evidence they immediately conducted raids on these greyhound training facilities, along with the police and Animals Australia and shut down and suspended a number of people in the industry. We live in a day and age where cruelty to animals is not only not acceptable, it's disgusting. I am thankful that we have the RSPCA that are actively looking out for the welfare of those who can't speak or look after themselves. They are a fantastic organisation and I hope in years to come, with their help, we can stamp out animal cruelty for good.

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