Sunday 8 February 2015

Day 152...

MONDAY 2.2.15 - I am thankful for... Extending my holiday

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Last week I decided that I would extend my Europe holiday in June/July by 3 days. Why? Because I can! It cost me just over $100 to change the flights to the exact same route, just on the Friday instead of the following Monday. Today I booked accommodation in Dublin for those extra 3 days. How blessed am I that I can do that! It's only just under 5 months until I go. I'M SO EXCITED IT'S INSANE! There's still a bit left to do, a few more things to decide and organise, but I'm so thankful it's all coming together smoothly. I am so, so thankful that I have the means to travel and take this holiday, and the excess leave from work to do it with. If any of you have tips or must see places in Ireland and England let me know!

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