Tuesday 10 February 2015

Day 154...

WEDNESDAY 4.2.15 - I am thankful for... Moisturiser

The temperature inside the hospital, particularly in our department, is FREEZING to say the least! It could be 40 degrees Celsius outside, but you'd never know it inside as they crank up the air-con. The building we are in also houses the cath labs and operating theatres, so yes they have to be cold for the machinery and for sterility. However, it can make working within the building a little uncomfortable. And if we are cold and fully clothed, imagine how the patients about to have surgery feel! All this cold, dry air definitely has an effect on my skin. Thank goodness for moisturiser! I was given this cute little apple moisturiser from my colleague that sits on my desk at work and has been an absolute God send of late. So I am thankful I have it to keep my hand from drying out and cracking, and the fact that it looks cool is an added bonus.

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