Sunday 1 February 2015

Day 149

FRIDAY 30.1.15 - I am thankful for... Traffic

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Yes you read correctly. I said I was thankful for traffic. I'll explain. Today we travelled back from Port Macquarie to Sydney as I'm oncall for the weekend. I guess you can blame me for cutting the holiday short. It was a relatively good drive back... until we hit Sydney. 3hrs to get to Sydney, 1hr to get THROUGH it. I have always hated Sydney traffic, it is, in one word, ridiculous! There is traffic 24/7, it just differs in severity. I think for the whole hour the 3 of us in the car 'gahhh'ed and 'grrrr'ed and 'stupid driver'ed and 'what!'ed and 'come on!'ed etc... Not that we yelled any of these at anyone, road rage is not acceptable, but like most people we just got cranky at the car. I mean when think about it, we had just driven 3hrs and WE were tired and WE wanted to get home and WE should have been able to in the time WE wanted. I got home eventually and then I thought about it. How incredibly selfish to get angry about traffic. How incredibly stupid. Yes traffic is annoying but getting cranky and frustrated is not going to make it better or go away. And who knows the circumstances of the people stuck in the traffic with you? So while I'm not thankful for actual traffic, I am thankful that we struck traffic. It should have been a good lesson in patience and looking out for fellow drivers on the road, being as safe as we can. I will try and remember this next time I'm stuck in traffic, and no doubt that will be sooner rather than later.

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