Saturday 14 February 2015

Day 155...

THURSDAY 5.2.15 - I am thankful for... New work shoes

I have been getting really sore feet lately, especially by the end of the day. This morning when doing a check on the ward I thought I stepped in something so picked my foot up to check, only to discover the soles of my shoes had completely worn away without me noticing. Ah, light bulb! Time for new shoes. Luckily for me today was pay day. So at lunch I went to the shops, found a pair of shoes I liked in first shop, tried them on and they fit perfectly. What are the chances!? Then back to work and new shoes went on and old shoes went straight in the bin. It all seemed to work out for me so perfectly, I couldn't have planned it better. Hopefully this will solve the problem of my sore feet, I guess I'll know in the next few days. Therefore I am thankful for new shoes, for the means to buy them, the timing and just having shoes in the first place when many around the world don't.

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