Tuesday 26 May 2015

Day 254...

FRIDAY 15.05.15 - I am thankful for... Hand weights

I have been looking EVERYWHERE for a new set of hand weights! For weeks I'd say. This afternoon luckily I found a set at Target of all places. I had a pair but one of the weights has mysteriously vanished so the other is a little useless. Besides it was only a 1kg one and these are 2kg each. Moving up in the weights world! The older I get - yes I realise I'm not really that old but still - the more I realise how important weights training is. Cardio I love, I can be on the treadmill for ages or do a dance class no problems. However weights training is necessary to keep the strength in your muscles, not just the arms but for me I find it beneficial for my upper and lower back and legs, mostly to prevent injury which I happen to do to myself a lot. So I am very thankful I have finally found a new set of hand weights and hopefully get back into my training!

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