Friday 22 May 2015

Day 247...

FRIDAY 8.5.15 - I am thankful for... Being a positive influence, hopefully

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I'm really enjoying being a youth group leader. I believe groups like youth groups are so important for teens, gives them a place to come to where they won't be judged, there's no pressure to be or act in a certain way to be "cool" and allows them to just be kids their age and have fun. The world can be a hard place for teens, there's so much they have to deal with: body image, drug and alcohol exposure, the need to fit in etc... As well as providing a safe haven, youth group or similar groups can be a place where the kids can talk to someone, leader or peer, about things that might be troubling them. Sometimes you just don't want to or can't talk to your parents about what's troubling you, as much as you might want to. I take my role as a leader very seriously, to be someone that these kids can feel like they can talk to and I won't judge them but rather just listen, help when I can or just be there when I can't. Hopefully this means I can be a friend and a positive influence to them, and I am thankful I have the opportunity as a youth group leader to do that.

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