Wednesday 13 May 2015

Day 244...

TUESDAY 05.05.15 - I am thankful for... Working with caring medical professionals

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Our patient clinic ran all day today. This happens once a month when one particular doctor is here to see the patients. It is usually quite busy and chaotic, and this morning was no exception. This particular clinic is for patients with implanted defibrillators. Every single patient this morning had an issue, whether it was the their device, their leads, their treatment etc... Every. Single. One. Needless to say this clinic ran overtime, but only because the doctor took his time with every patient, explained to them what was happening in terms they understood and organised what needed to be organised. We even had a patient we sent for a chest xray because we believed the patient's leads in the heart had moved, and when the patient had come back, been waiting for a number of minutes and the xray hadn't come through, the doctor walked down to the xray department, in his lunch hour, to have a look at it their so the patient didn't have to wait longer. This doctor is always incredibly busy, to the point I feel he probably does too much for his own good, but is such an excellent doctor and never once complains. I feel privileged to work with such dedicated people whose passion for the patients is so obvious.

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