Thursday 7 May 2015

Day 238...

WEDNESDAY 29.4.15 - I am thankful for... World aid

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I'm sure most of you have heard already, but in case you haven't, Nepal suffered a catastrophic earthquake on the weekend. So far the death toll is around 4000 people and still rising, with many more injured and homeless. This one incident has affected millions of people, all in one moment. The pictures of the devastation we have seen on the news and social media are horrible to say the least. When I heard of this, my heart sank because I have just started sponsoring a child in Nepal, a 12 year old, as of January this year. I still haven't heard of his well being, of course such knowledge will be hampered for some time due to the large scale of the disaster and lack of telecommunications in the country. The thing that always gives me the greatest joy in these horrible circumstances is the way the world responds. Thousands of people from several countries have already sent personnel and supplies to the worst affected areas to start search and rescue as well as providing people with necessities, with millions more donating toward the cause globally. So many non-profit organisations getting in there and doing everything they can to help out, it's so wonderful to see. It is often in the very worst of times the very best of humanity shines through. This time is no exception. I am so very thankful today for all the people who have donated time, money and supplies to help the people of Nepal. I continue to worry and pray for my sponsor child, for his saftey and well being of his family and hope to hear news soon. In the mean time I'll continue to be grateful for the world aid being provided to those people affected.

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