Monday 31 August 2015

Day 350

WEDNESDAY 19.8.15 - I am thankful for... Salt

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Salt. Or sodium chloride if you wish to be scientifically correct. That white chemical compound that has been used for many centuries as a way to preserve or season food. Salt is actually quite diverse in its uses. Not only does it enhance the taste of food, but you can use it in boiling water, poaching eggs, for cleaning pans and other metals, preventing mould build up and, if you are so inclined, salt is said to keep away evil spirits! Hundreds of years ago, people use to build up their communities around where they could find salt, to use themselves and to trade with it. Did you know the term 'salary' comes from the Latin word for salt because the Roman Legions were paid in salt, which was more valuable than gold in those days? So hard to imagine considering we can just duck down to our local store and grab a packet of it at usually a cheap price. How lucky are we to have such easy access to something most of us would use daily? Today I am thankful for salt, for its history, it's variety of uses and it's easy availability to us.

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