Monday 24 August 2015

Day 328...

TUESDAY 28.7.15 - I am thankful for... Going home

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After almost 5 weeks of travelling, it's finally time to say goodbye to Europe and head home. I feel like I've had an amazing trip and feel ready to go home - besides living out of a suitcase does get annoying after a while! I think my facebook post sums it up perfectly:

"I have danced a jig at a wedding and drank Guinness in Ireland, spent quality time with my sister in England, fell in love with tinto de verano and flamenco in Spain, conquered the souks in Morocco and swam in the ocean off Portugal. I have caught up with old friends and made new ones. I have done and seen things I never thought I would. I have travelled solo but was never alone. And now I am ready to go home, sign of an epic holiday."

But I still, and always will, call Australia home.

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