Wednesday 26 August 2015

Day 333...

SUNDAY 2.8.15 - I am thankful for... Being able to wash my clothes easily

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I awoke this morning to an ENORMOUS MOUND of washing waiting for me. I guess travelling for 5 weeks will do that. As I was sorting my clothes into loads I remembered when I first moved into my apartment I still live in and the issues I had with the washing machine, which came with the unit. One day it decided it didn't want to do the spin cycle anymore so my clothes came out sopping wet. My real estate agent at the time was a bit slow and took 2 weeks to organise a repairman and another 2 weeks for the new parts to arrive. A whole month of half hand washing my clothes. In the middle of winter where it took days for clothes to dry. It was not fun! Makes me very thankful that I can wash my clothes really easily now and blessed I am to have a washing machine that works, or just a washing machine at all! Not everyone can say that.

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