Monday 31 August 2015

Day 349...

TUESDAY 18.8.15 - I am thankful for... USBs

Ahh the good old USB. What would we do without it? How would we transfer files or keep a copy of them? Mine was certainly handy throughout uni going from my home computer to the computer lab. Do any of you remember using floppy disks? You know, those square black things with the silver bit at the top to protect the where your data writes to? I used them in primary school and a bit in high school. Let me say, USBs are certainly a bit easier and a bit more reliable than floppy disks. My boss is leaving soon for another job (everyone is leaving! Well not everyone, just my two goo work friends) and I keep forgetting to take in a USB to collect the files I might need from her before she goes. Hopefully writing this blog will help me remember! So today I am thankful for USBs and their useful storage capability.

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