Wednesday 12 August 2015

Day 311...

SATURDAY 11.7.15 - I am thankful for... Being OK to do nothing

*Picture from - exactly how I felt today!

Unfortunately I'm still not 100%. NOT HAPPY JAN! So today my sister and I just hung out together at her house before going out this afternoon for her friend's birthday. When you go on holidays, especially overseas, I feel there's this pressure you put on yourself to get out there and do as much as you can because you've paid for it and you're only there for a limited time. Ultimately though quality always outweighs quantity. It was nice to just spend time with my sister, who I hardly ever see, and chill out and relax. I leave tomorrow so for me it was a great way to finish our time together. I'm very thankful for not doing much today. Next stop, Spain!

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