Saturday 22 August 2015

Day 323...

THURSDAY 23.7.15 - I am thankful for... Individual national flags

Have you ever stopped to wonder about why we have national flags? While some look similar, every country has their own unique design. Flags represent a community, organisation or nation that share beliefs (sometimes!) goals, rules and regulations - saying we belong. I love how each flag resembles their country and usually has some meaning behind all the different features. Pictured is the Portuguese flag. The green represents the hope of the people while the red represents the courage and the blood of Portuguese people who have fallen in combat protecting their nation. The circle represents the armillary sphere which was a device used by sailors like Henry the Navigator or Magellan who ventured out to discover new lands. Afonso I was considered the first King of Portugal when he defeated the five Moorish kings (represented by five blue shields - the white dots symbolise the five wounds of Christ) and their seven enemy fortresses (the seven castles) and drove them out of Portugal. So much history and meaning in one flag! It's amazing how much sense a flag makes when all it's components are explained to you. Today, in Lisbon I am thankful for national flags and learning the meanings behind them, especially nations not of my own.

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