Friday 28 August 2015

Day 339...

SATURDAY 8.8.15 - I am thankful for... The Borgias TV Series on DVD

On call this weekend. Again. However I can't complain seeing as I've only just come back from holidays. Due to a shortage of staff it looks like I'll be doing a bit more on call than I usually would. At least for the next little while. Besides doing the house work, I decided to get The Borgias on DVD to watch throughout the weekend. TV series are great because each episode is usually only an hour long so you can watch one, go away and do something else and come back to it. A few friends of mine have seen it before and liked it and I do love medieval history so thought I'd give it a go! I did like The Tudors so I like it so far! I'm thankful for The Borgias TV series that's keeping me company this weekend.

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