Monday 6 July 2015

Day 300...

TUESDAY 30.6.15 - I am thankful for... My friend Hen's Day

Today was an absolutely wonderful day. It was my friend's hen's day! Firstly, the group of us were reunited for the first time in years. Some of us hadn't seen each other in a long time as we've all moved away to pursue our careers. We started off with a very fancy high tea, followed by a cocktail making class in an incredibly beautiful bar (pictured) and then off to a private karaoke room followed by another casual bar for final drinks. We had the best day, the bride seemed to beam all day with excitement. The funniest part was, as we walked down the streets of Dublin to the karaoke bar, we ran into the men! The noise that ensued... well.. let's just say we had the attention of the locals. Needless to say I think it went really well and we were all able to be together to celebrate our wonderful friend. I am so thankful for today and looking forward to the week ahead!

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